Cricket World Cup 2019 Tickets

Cricket World Cup 2019 Tickets

Cricket world cup 2019 tickets

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is going to be started this year on 30 May in England and Wales, Cricket fans would be wondering how to buy cricket world cup 2019 tickets? how much the cricket world cup 2019 ticket would cost? We have answered these questions and more in detail in this article.

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Ticket prices offered are as follows:

• 80,000+ tickets at £20 (over half of the group stage matches)
• 200,000+ tickets at £50 or less
• Child tickets at every match, starting from £6
• Family of four for £52


There are still four months to go in the big event, but the tickets are going on sale like hot cakes.

ICC Cricket World Cup Tickets Ballots

Unexpectedly, Applications for tickets have far exceeded the prediction as the Cricket fans in England and Wales and from all over the world are rushing to grab the opportunity to be at Cricket’s biggest event.

About one million tickets had already been booked by the cricket fans. So in order to meet the huge demand for Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets and provide cricket fans an equal opportunity for booking tickets, ICC had announced to give the remaining tickets through balloting process which was carried out last year in 2018.

About 2.5 million applications for tickets was received in the two balloting phases from 148 countries, the first balloting phase which was named as family ticket ballot took place on 1 May 2018, and the 2nd public tickets ballot was carried out between July 18 to August 18.

How to Buy Cricket World Cup 2019 Tickets

From September 2018, around 50,000 tickets of Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets had been made available including Cricket World Cup 2019 final tickets on general sale and is categorized into four types of pricing: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. First you have to register on the Official Cricket world cup ticketing website and then look for the available tickets to buy.

How to Resell Purchased Tickets of Cricket World Cup 2019

Tickets purchased cannot be transferred to third party, if any fan cannot attend the match for any reason, he or she has the opportunity to resell the purchased ticket via the Official World Cup ticketing website.

Cricket World Cup Tickets Prices

It can be seen in the above picture of Cricket world cup 2019 schedule along ticket prices, that different matches are priced differently and there are also different categories of prices of every match, depending on which stand you are targeting for the game.

Children tickets have been low priced, while anyone who brings kid below 2 years of age doesn’t need to buy a ticket as long as they are not occupying another seat.

The tournament opener between the host England and South Africa, for instance, is priced at the higher end of the spectrum with the bronze category ticket is priced at £70, while platinum ticket costing £235.

As India has been topping the current Cricket rankings and considered to be favorites for Cricket World Cup 2019, thus the tickets below Indian matches with other teams are of the few examples of those high-end ticket prices. For instance

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These are the matches which are priced higher.

The good news for West Indies cricket fans is that all of the matches of West Indies would cost lesser with the cheapest price of £16 for the match between against Pakistan, where the platinum ticket would cost £70.

Cricket World Cup 2019 India Vs Pakistan Match Ticket Price

The match between Pakistan and India would be a mouth-watering contest. Fans from all over the world are waiting impatiently for this high-temperature game. It would be the most popular match of cricket world cup 2019.

It would be played on June 16, 2019 at Old Trafford. Old Trafford previously hosted the cricket world cup show in 1999. It is expected that the ground for this match would be completely crowded because most of the tickets have been booked and only 2% of the tickets left to be purchased.

The ticket prices of the Pakistan vs India is as follow:

[table id=4 /]

Children’s tickets would cost £6, £25 and £30

To know more about the tickets for Pakistan vs India cricket world cup 2019 match, check the official website of cricket world cup 2019 tickets.

Read here the complete schedule of Cricket World cup 2019.

Cricket World Cup 2019 Semi-Final and Final Ticket Prices

Semi-Final and Final matches of the world cup would be a high-temperature contest and would attract lots of audiences from all around the world. This is the reason ticket prices of Semi-Final and Final are slighter higher than the other matches.

Ticket Prices of Semi Final Matches

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Ticket Price of Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

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Tickets can be purchased via Official Cricket World Cup ticketing website.